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Top 5 ways to be sustainable at the festival

-Claire Hassler, Roots N Blues Intern

Often times, the biggest barrier to sustainable living is that it’s just not on people’s radars. So we want to make sure this year that we’re spreading the word. Check out these helpful tips to saving the Earth while listening to incredible music. 

Use our reusable straws

Roots N Blues N BBQ will have stainless steel straws at the merch tents and bars this year. You can stick them in any drink, and they are a great way to minimize waste. You can also take them home with you and use them in all your future drink endeavors! Bendable straws will still be available at our vendors, but think about the oceans!

Stop by and chat with our green team

Our green team is made up of volunteers who are passionate about sustainability. You can find them stationed throughout the park, where they’ll be helping festival goers sort their trash into the proper containers and picking up trash throughout the park. If you’re not familiar with ways to live sustainably, or even if you are and just want to have a conversation about it, the green team is a great place to start.

Be mindful of where you walk

Stephen’s Lake is a beautiful park to have the festival in each year. In fact, did you know it’s a nationally recognized arboretum? We love this park, and want to make sure it stays nice. Tree roots can be damaged if walked on by crowds, affecting the health of the tree for years to come. To prevent this, we’re placing straw bales and picnic tables around the base of the trees for protection (they make great shady seats too!)  You can do your part by keeping these bales where they are and watching out for tree roots!

Watch your trash

We’ll have recycling bins next to every single trash bin in the park. Papers and plastics should go in the recycling bin, everything else should go in the trash. Think before you throw! If you’re not sure where something should go, ask a Green Team volunteer; they love answering questions! Taking this extra second to think about where you put your trash will help our Green Team out a lot when they sort trash at the end of the day.

Remember, paper come from trees

It’s easy to grab a pile of ten napkins as you’re grabbing your food on the go. It’s also easy to use four paper towels to dry your hands. We’ve all done it, it’s just a habit! BUT at Roots N Blues N BBQ we can hold each other accountable, only take what we need, and use less.

If you want to be a part of the movement, sign up to be a part of the Green Team.


photo via diode led