Top 5 things to bring to RNB 2017

-Michael Arnott, Roots N Blues Intern

Roots N Blues N BBQ is going to be here before you know it, and you don’t want to be scrambling the night before trying to decide what to bring. Let us help you create a checklist for the top five things you NEED to bring to this year’s festival!

1. A Positive Attitude:

Roots N Blues N BBQ is not a place where you can/should mope around like a little sad sack of stinky attitude. Rather, it’s a place of solace, a safe space, a magical getaway transporting you from whatever might be hindering your ability to smile! Did your boss yell at you and tell you that you suck? Don’t listen to that meanie! Listen to the sweet sounds of the Blues and know that you rock! Dog just died? We are sorry for your loss, but your dog would want you to be happy, and dancing your heart out and drowning your sorrows in BBQ sauce would do just that. Significant other just broke your heart? Forget about that loser and make them jealous by rebounding with 30+ insanely talented acts to stitch up your broken heart! If you even so much as sense a frown coming on, give yourself a nice slap in the face followed up with a hearty helping of music and BBQ! Happy people make others happy so hop on the happy train! Next stop, Roots N Blues N BBQ!

2. Best Friends:

Friends don’t let friends not go to RNBNBBQ. If you see your friend acting like a little sad sack of stinky attitude (as mentioned above), follow these steps to get them off the couch and into Stephens Lake Park!

Step 1: Make them buy a ticket—MOST IMPORTANT STEP! Mention Roots N Blues N BBQ to your friend to check to see if they have any prior conflicts on September 29-October 1. If this friend is not free that weekend, leave immediately and repeat step to a different friend. If your friend is free, now is the time to strike. Ask if they are interested. If they are, then get them to a computer. If not, you might have to take things into your own hands. Sneakily purchase them a ticket. Then proceed to step 2.

Step 2: Wait for the festival—This step is the hardest part. Side effects may include dreaming of cascading BBQ sauce, sleep dancing, night sweats, nausea, and abdominal pain. Do not worry. These will all pass. Hang out with your friend in the meantime to distract the both of you.

Step 3: Go to the festival—Today is the day. The day is September 29th. You have been waiting for this day and it is here. Grab your friend by the wrist. Wrist control is very important so you don’t lose your friend. If you must, drag them through the gates of the festival. Security will not ask any questions.

3. Sunglasses:

Do you like your corneas? What about your eyelids? Do cataracts sounds like a real pain in the tuchus? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, then this item is for you! Sunglasses protect your eyes from developing all sorts of problems like cataracts and skin cancer on the eyelids. If you would like to preserve those lil’ seeing balls in your head and look super cool while you do it, a nice pair of sunglasses will do just the trick!

4. Sunscreen:

It’s like sunglasses for your skin! This item is a necessity for all you skin lovers out there, as it literally screens your skin from the sun. Now, I don’t know the science behind how this magical goop works because let’s face it, I wouldn’t be writing this if I were some sort of brainiac scientist. But I can tell you that without it, you are going to be in for a world of hurt. Aside from a killer sunburn, you can develop skin cancer and we really do not want any of you to experience that. But if the thought of a painful premature death doesn’t worry you, maybe this will. Your beautiful skin will wither and you will look like a shriveled golden raisin at an early age. I hope that did the trick. Bring sunscreen.

5. Rain jacket:

Rain or shine, the festival will go on and we want you there the whole time! So you really should bring a rain jacket just in case. There’s no telling what Mother Nature has in store for us so it’s always best to be prepared for the worst. And it would definitely be the worst if you are absolutely soaked to the bone for the whole day. Just picture this: you come to RNBNBBQ in your most prized clothing hoping to make some jaws drop with your supreme confidence and style. But suddenly, a thunderstorm rolls in out of nowhere and before you can make it to cover, you get caught in a torrential downpour. Your clothes are ruined. You superior style has been washed away. You are just like everyone else—a plebian in commoners’ rags. A total nightmare, right? Heed my warning: bring a rain jacket and preserve your swagger (and avoid catching a cold!).

Oh, also you need your wristband. RNB is going cashless, so you need this for just about everything! Don’t panic. Go to this page for more about cashless and why you’re going to love it 🙂

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