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Don’t worry: here’s the explanation for the new ticket prices

Okay, we know. The ticket prices seem higher. But, they’re not, we promise! How could this possibly be, you may ask. Here’s why:

If you bought tickets for the festival last year, you know that there were fees. But, you probably found this out when you were about to checkout. You thought you were paying $99 flat for a weekend pass, but it ended up being $130 after fees. This year, we wanted to clear the air. We want to make sure you know what the total price would be. On the surface, it will seem like the prices increased. But in reality, we’re just including the fees in the listed price, so there’s no surprises.

Here are the listed prices:

Weekend- $130

Whole Hog VIP- $299

Whole Hog VIP 4-pack- $999

Platinum Pig VIP: $575

This includes fees, and shipping will be added per order. See you at the 2018 Roots N Blues N BBQ Festival!