Artist Spotlight: Booker T Jones Stax Revue

-Jennifer Firestone, Roots N Blues Intern

Tennessee born and raised, Booker T. Jones has been consistently at the heart of all things soul and R&B. From collaborations with the likes of Sheila E, Drive-By Truckers, and fellow 2017 RNBNBBQ artist Gary Clark Jr., Booker T has proven time and time again that he chooses to create and collaborate with any given opportunity.


These partnerships have brought massive success to his career: He was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame with The M.G.’s, as well as multiple Grammy nominations and wins for his work with The Roots and The Drive-By Truckers. These nominations have even led to a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, and rightfully so.

From an early age, Booker T. Jones had immersed himself in everything he could in the way of writing, producing and playing. At seventeen, Booker T famously created the hit, “Green Onions” seemingly randomly when other fellow Stax records musicians and himself began collaborating. This cooperation led to the creation of his first recording band, The Memphis Group, otherwise known as Booker T. and The MG’s.

The pride instilled in Booker T for his hometown of Memphis would later carry on and show in many of his musical works. For example, the song “Representing Memphis” alludes to some of his favorite spots in Memphis like the Southside, Orange Mound and Harlem House.  It is clear that the pride Booker T receives from living in Memphis inspires him creatively.

Booker T. Jones is taking his talents through the U.S. and British Columbia with Stax Revue this coming summer through November. We can’t wait to see him take the Roots n Blues stage this fall with Stax Revue! 

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