Artist Spotlight: Nikki Hill

-Jenna Boesen, Roots N Blues Intern

Nikki Hill is known for delivering performances you will never forget and making you believe in rock n’ roll again. They keep their rock n’ roll sounds raw, while delivering each song with pure passion for blues music. Hill’s unique voice drags you in with strength and continues to capture your soul with every lyric.

Hill credits finding her vocal control to the Durham, North Carolina church gospel choir where she grew up. She began to perfect her voice through harmonizing at church every Sunday. In her late teenage years, Hill chopped her hair to look more “punk,” listened to hardcore rock bands, and joined like-minded outcasts North Carolina social events. She could be seen at the Heavy Rebel Weekender in Winston-Salem, accompanied by all of her friends as they belted out songs from the audience. While harmonizing amongst the crowd one night, festival organizer David Quick immediately noticed her talent and asked her if she would perform. Soonafter, she was singing backup and playing the washboard in a honkytonk band. It was all a part of her musical journey to finding her home within the rock n’ roll genre.

It wasn’t until Nikki met her husband Matt, an up and coming blues musician, that her fanbase began to skyrocket. He realized her voice needed to be heard after casually listening to her sing some songs around the house. Soon after getting married and moving to St. Louis together, Matt asked Nikki to sing at some of his sets and private parties. Through this exposure, she gained fans who reached out to her personally, begging that she start writing her own songs. So, Hill made it happen.

Several years later, Hill now tours with her band extensively. On tour, she showcases her debut album from 2013, “Here’s Nikki Hill,” and her latest album from 2015, “Heavy Hearts Hard Fists.” We’re excited to hear her perform on stage at the 2017 Roots N Blues N BBQ Festival, and we hope to see some passionate souls out in the crowd harmonizing to her tunes as she once did to others.

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