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“Damned (If You Do)” by the Mavericks

– Lucy Shanker, Roots N Blues Intern

The opening of each Mavericks song is closely followed by a recurring conundrum: to salsa or to line dance. In their newest single “Damned (If You Do),” the Miami bred group does not eliminate this decision making process. With more than twenty successful years in the music industry and an incredible performance at last year’s Roots N Blues N BBQ under their belt, the Mavericks continue to deliver.

The Mavericks are hard to pin down. Their songs are an ever-changing juxtaposition between their renowned Tex-Mex sound, and a heart-thumping Latin charm; It’s almost impossible to keep your foot from tapping. Not only are they musically complex, but they are also riddled with inter-band drama. The Mavericks have seen it all: whether it be drug addiction, losing band members, or new record labels, their music has not lost quality.

What I respect most about the Mavericks is their ability to reach beyond a catchy love song. With their recent music, they have a newfound message: “Now more than ever, we’re going to need to be more compassionate, more understanding, more loving than ever before,” Raul Malo said in an interview to Rolling Stone. They aren’t afraid to take that step further, to reach out to their audiences on a more intimate level.

In this newest song, The Mavericks maintain the style that made them who they are. With a strong and consistent beat radiating throughout, they give us almost 4 minutes of unrelenting, saxophone-infused, jamming. If you haven’t listened already, check it out. It will be stuck in your head for the next week.