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Top 5 unconventional Christmas songs

-Lucy Shanker, Roots N Blues Intern

Are you tired of the same ol’ version of the little drummer boy? Or the Michael Bublé Christmas album? Yeah, so are we. Here’s the problem: there are 20 more days until Christmas, so we have a ways to go until we can stop listening. To combat some of these holiday music blues, try listening to these not-so-conventional Christmas songs. And of course, some of these are by Roots N Blues alum.

1.”Christmas in L.A.” by The Killers feat. Dawes

Not only do the Killers have a new album out this year, but they also have an entire Christmas album. This is our favorite pick. And don’t worry, the five minute long music video features the one and only Owen Wilson.

2. “Please Come Home for Christmas” by the Eagles

This song is a little on the dreary side. With lyrics like, “Oh, what a Christmas to have the blues. My baby’s gone I have no friends,” it’s not quite upbeat. But, it’s beautiful. So, if you’re feeling down this Christmas, this one may be for you.

3. “A John Prine Christmas” by John Prine

We all know and love him. The John Prine, too, has a Christmas album. This is the perfect song to fall asleep to on Christmas Eve because who doesn’t want this 2017 RNB alum to sing them to sleep?

4.  “Hey Parker, It’s Christmas” by Ryan Adams

In case you’re still reeling from Ryan Adams’ performance on Sunday of this year’s festival, you can listen to his Christmas song. It’s probably the least sad song he’s ever written.

5. “A Christmas F***ing Miracle” by Run the Jewels

Bet you weren’t expecting these guys to have a Christmas song. Sure, it’s a little more confrontational than your average holiday tune, but it’s still somewhat related to Christmas. And, it’s Run the Jewels. So really, what could be better?