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Top 5 things at RNB besides music

-Kerry Souder, Roots N Blues Intern

Well guys, we’re two days away from the 2017 Roots N Blues N BBQ Festival. Many of you have been following us since last year’s festival and are impatiently waiting for this weekend. Yet many others have inevitably heard about the festival (because come on, we’re kind of a big deal), but don’t really know what it is. The Roots N Blues N BBQ Festival is first and foremost a kickass concert with a bunch of talented artists. However, it doesn’t stop there. Here are 5 other things you can find on the grounds this weekend!

1. RNB culture

Roots N Blues is more than a music genre; it’s a lifestyle. Amid the stages and tents, Stephens Lake Park will be decorated with beautiful art pieces, festive lights and a whole a lot of new people for the whole weekend. Make sure to take it all in!

2. Too many delicious foods

It’s called the Roots N Blues N BBQ Festival after all, so you can bet there will be no shortage on fantastic meals and snacks for everyone to enjoy! A whole section of the festival is dedicated to a bunch of food trucks, and the best part is using our cashless wristbands means shorter lines for you!

3. An opportunity to squeeze in that weekend workout

The Roots N Blues N BBQ Festival is hosting not one, but two races Saturday morning! Between the 5K and the ½ marathon, you don’t even have to feel bad about all that food we just talked about. Not a runner? Me neither. What you can still do is come down and support this year’s participants. Music and fun guaranteed for everyone!

4. A choice to participate in the fun — no alcohol needed

The Sober Party Tent is a designated area for people to hang out at the festival without being surrounded by alcoholic influences. The idea started as a haven for recovering drinkers, and has gained widespread popularity. If alcohol isn’t your thing, you can still feel comfortable here!

5. A stage for you to show us what you got

Now, I know this one is technically about music, but the cool part is the artist can be you! The Front Porch Stage is situated in the middle of the grounds and is open to all festival-goers. We may have some pretty bomb artists coming this year, but we want to hear from our guests, too!

This list definitely isn’t exhaustive, so I encourage you to join us in the fun and see what this weekend is all about. Two more days, people! See you there!