Top 5 reasons to run the RNB 1/2 marathon or 10k

-Kerry Souder, Roots N Blues Intern

Whether you consider yourself a star athlete or you physically cringe at the thought of going on a run, the Roots N Blues N BBQ races can be a great time for everyone! Now, I say that with the confidence of someone belonging to the latter part of that spectrum, so I’m not here to say crazy things like, “Running is the best!” or, “Yeah, I would totally rather go for a jog than take a nap!”

Fear not, I am here solely as a mediocre exercise enthusiast (but a major Roots N Blues enthusiast), so stick with me while I go through the top 5 reasons you should run at this year’s ½ Marathon or 10K!

1. You can get a bunch of stuff

That’s right! Every runner will get a shirt, a finisher’s medal, and free BBQ and beer after the race! Additionally, you’ll get a voucher for discounted festival tickets!

2. You can feel good about yourself while you eat delicious BBQ all weekend

Let’s be honest, people. It’s called the Roots N Blues N BBQ Festival.

There are going to be so many amazing vendors all over the place, and if you’re like me and have zero self-control, you’ll be eating delicious food all day. I know we’re not all calorie-counters here, but I think we can all get on board with eating and feeling a little less food-coma ish afterwards.

3. You can explore Columbia’s nature trails

You may not guess it, but CoMo is full of hiking trails! On top of enjoying all the nature, you’ll be running through the beautiful downtown district and the Mizzou campus before finishing at Stephens Lake Park. 

4. You can distract yourself with all the live music

Bands will be playing on the course so runners can jam out and forget that they can’t really feel their legs anymore. The music will continue after the race, too, so you can stick around and enjoy!

5. You can celebrate the legacy of Betsy Farris

Betsy worked on the Roots N Blues N BBQ Festival for nine years. When she wasn’t busy making all this magic happen, she trained and inspired others on their journey to healthy living. Betsy passed away last October after a long battle with cancer. Our Roots N Blues races honor her memory!

If I convinced you even to entertain the idea of running:

You rock! Registration is open now, so join us if you can September 30th for this year’s ½ Marathon and 10K!

If you read this and still firmly said, “nope” to all the above:

You still rock, too! Come down and support this year’s runners on Saturday of the festival (September 30)!

Whether I convinced you or not:

Visit our website for information and for the link to register.

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