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Top 5 reasons to bring your best friend to RNB

-Lucy Shanker, Roots N Blues Intern

Roots N Blues is always an incredible weekend of the year. Good food, good music, good beer. But most importantly, good people. Roaming the landscape of Stephens Lake Park in the September sun can really only be made better by having your best friend at your side. Let’s face it, you need a partner in crime. When you’re crafting that text to your friend convincing them to get a ticket, be sure to include these reasons:

1. You need a dance partner

There’s absolutely no shame in solo dancing, but if you’re thinking of executing a move like the one above, you’re gonna need a friend. Legistically, you can diversify your dancing range with a partner, whether it’s salsa dancing to the sounds of Los Lobos or just swaying to Sturgill.

2. You need someone to take a photo with

You too can look this good in front of some Roots N Blues artwork; all you need is a camera and a pal. Bring someone to Roots N Blues and you don’t have to be the only one in your selfie.

3. Watching the Avett Brothers’ emotional performance will strengthen your friendship

“Load the car and write the note. Grab your bag and grab your coat. Tell the ones that need to know. We are headed north.” These lyrics of “I and Love and You” are going to make you want to take your friend and go on a road trip. The brothers’ performance is bound to make you appreciate your significant others, parents, most importantly your friends. Especially the one you brought to RNB.

4. You’ll probably need someone to hold your beer at some point

This one is just practical. At some point throughout the festival, you will need someone to hold your beer. Maybe you have to tie your shoe. Maybe you’re trying on a T-shirt. Maybe you’re hands are just tired. You’re absolutely going to need a friend there to help.

5. You’ll make amazing, timeless memories

All jokes aside, spending quality time with a friend at Roots N Blues will be something the two of you will remember forever.