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Top 5 podcasts for music lovers

-Lucy Shanker, Roots N Blues Intern

As music and journalism evolve, our ways of consuming information are completely different than they were even five years ago. The newest of these advances is podcasts — a medium that has been quickly gaining speed. There are hundreds of thousands of podcasts; there’s pieces about local news, global conflict, music and even serial killers. Within the music genre, it’s not just amateurs fiddling with a microphone — Rolling Stone, Rick Rubin & even the New York Times have all created their own music podcasts that range in topics but not in quality.

Wether you’re just getting into podcasts, or you’re a veteran, these five podcasts will make your walk to work much more engrossing.

5. Compleatly Beatles

Beatles, Beatles and more Beatles. If you’re friends are sick of talking about The Beatles for hours, here’s your new outlet. This podcast is no meager discussion; the episodes sometimes stretch for over two hours. While the series is not producing new episodes, there is a stockpile of in depth analysis of every Beatles album, from Please Please Me to Abbey Road. 

4. New York Times Popcast

Your pop music news delivered right to your ears. This podcast probably won’t talk about the latest Neutral Milk Hotel album; however, it does answer the most hard-hitting questions within pop music. For example, one of the latest topics discussed whether or not Ashlee Simpson was under-appreciated. It’s everything you never knew you wanted.

3. A Waste of Time with ItsTheReal

Now this one is for the outlying hip-hop heads that may also be Roots N Blues fans. This podcast fulfilled my dream of an 1+ hour interview with Killer Mike. Led by two brothers who double as comedians, this podcast also revealed to me the in-depth history of hip-hop, introduced me to new artists & reinvigorated my love for Run the Jewels.

2. Rolling Stone Music Now

And here we have a podcast for those who may not be fascinated by the Ashlee Simpson debate. This one may actually address Neutral Milk Hotel, as they cover a range of topics from across genres. Music Now is strengthened by Rolling Stones’ extensive archives and musical expertise; it’s definitely worth a listen.

1. Broken Record

A podcast with Rick Rubin. A Rick Rubin podcast. A dream come true. Okay, so there may be a little bias in this ranking. Nevertheless, if you watched the Avett Brothers’ documentary, it was almost impossible to not fall in love with this man. His unconditional love and support of the brothers’ mission and music was frankly heartwarming. Now, we get to listen to him (and Malcolm Gladwell) talk about music for 15 minutes.