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Top 5 one-liners from Lake Street Dive songs

-Lucy Shanker, Roots N Blues Intern

Lake Street Dive is known for a lot of things: exceptional bass solos, incredibly smooth vocals & a bold orchestral sound. But most of all, LSD has a reputation for witty and oftentimes sassy one liners that pack a punch in their songs. It’s part of what makes LSD so unforgettable; these lines may make you laugh, but they’ll most definitely get stuck in your head. So here’s our ranking of the best one-liners scattered throughout their repertoire.

5. “Won’t let an angry dog get me down — don’t you think it’s time we put this dog out of his misery?”

Rachael Price is not messing around in this track, titled “Shame, Shame, Shame.” If the title doesn’t give it away, the lyrics sure will; someone has done one of the members of LSD wrong. Sorry to dog-lovers for this graphic metaphor. 

4. “I could say you are the only one I see, but I can’t stop at two or three.”

And here we have a lovely, melodic tune describing a troubling but enticing relationship. In “You Go Down Smooth,” Price crooning about a very stable, monogamous relationship. Instead, we get a tale describing the commingling of hesitation and sexuality that leads to this one-liner.

3. “There’s no need for you to whisper in my ear when you can say it with your hand.”

If you’re considering approaching Price at a bar while also hiding your marriage, here’s a big reason not to (in addition to the cheating aspect). You’ll get an incredibly sassy and pointed song like “Wedding Band,” and despite your shame, it will get stuck in your head. 

2. “Baby I’m just living my life because I rock a side pony.”

We couldn’t make a list about catchy songs by LSD and not include “Side Pony.” This anthem celebrates the powerful hairstyle, of which I rocked continuously throughout seventh grade. 

1. “We used to kick it like Joe and Obama, now you just leave me at home playin’ mama”

When making a song entitled “Dude,” one must include the ultimate dudes, and those are Obama and Biden. Then to escalate the song even further, use Obama and Biden as your standard for an ultimate relationship. And then to take it even further, make the line rhyme with mama. And there you have it — the most catcher one-liner by LSD. 

Honorable mention: the entire song of “Good Kisser” — I know, it’s not a one-liner. But it’s sassy as hell.

Photo via WFUV