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Roots N Greens N BBQ: how we keep the festival eco-friendly

-Lucy Shanker, Roots N Blues Intern

Now more than ever, it is important to be kind to our Earth. We make it a huge priority to be as green as possible throughout the festival. It’s a learning process, but we’ve made huge strides towards sustainability. Take a look at the ways we stay eco-friendly during three days of food, music and more!

Green Vendor Program

It’s the Roots N Blues N BBQ festival, so of course have to have incredible vendors! So at the 2017 Roots N Blues N BBQ Festival, we encouraged our vendors to match our eco-friendly efforts through the green vendor program. These vendors used local, organic, fairtrade products, composted, recycled and used greener food and beverage containers.

Green Team

This sounds like something from Blues Clues, but it’s not. The Green Team is an entire group of volunteers dedicated to maintaining the park throughout the festival. They pick up trash, recycle things on the ground and make sure there’s no damage. Plus, they educate festivalgoers about sustainability!


Micro-changes are always helpful, but sometimes you gotta make big-picture changes! That’s why we run on EverGreen, an eco-friendly power generator.

In addition to all of this, Roots N Blues encourages our festivalgoers to bike or ride our shuttles instead of driving, bring refillable water bottles instead of plastic & always recycle.

If you have any suggestions as to how we can improve our efforts, please email!