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– Lucy Shanker, Roots N Blues Intern

Picture this: you’re at Roots N Blues N BBQ. You put a $10 bill in the pocket of your jeans before coming to the festival. You go to buy a beer at the Logboat Brewery station. You reach for that ten dollars, but it’s gone.

If you’ve ever experienced this frustrating loss, we have good news. Roots N Blues N BBQ is going cashless! This year’s festival is going to be extremely convenient, with overall faster transactions.

Faster transactions = shorter lines = less time waiting = more time for music.

With a simple tap of your wrist, your wristband becomes your ticket and your digital wallet. You no longer have to worry about fumbling for change in your pockets or taking your wallet out for every purchase – allowing you to enjoy every moment of the festival.

All it will take is a simple tap on your wrist. You won’t need cash, credit cards, etc. Your wristband will be both your ticket and your wallet. You can leave everything else behind, and just enjoy the festival.

Now for some logistics. You’ll start by “topping-up” and loading money onto your cashless account (which is linked to to your wristband) before heading into the festival; think of it like a prepaid account. When you tap your wristband at the vendor stations, that money will be automatically taken from your balance. But don’t worry, you can always recharge and keep going.

You can top-up in two easy ways.

  • Cashless website (link coming soon)
  • “Top-up Stations” located throughout the festival grounds

This is going to make for a smoother, super convenient, and worry-free experience. Less time to stress about losing your wallet, more time to enjoy the festival.

Keep your eye out for more announcements and info on the cashless payments page, but set your calendars: registration for your wristbands will start two weeks prior to Roots N Blues N BBQ.