RNB interns take Lake Street Dive

-Michael Arnott & Evan O’Brien, Roots N Blues Interns

Gather ‘round children and let me tell you the story of the night of Monday, August 14th, 2017.

What happens when you mix two parts intern, one part alcohol, and one part RNBNBBQ alums Lake Street Dive? You miss the opener.

Interns Michael and Evan will now take on the task of trying to explain every excruciating detail from this magical concert for your reading enjoyment. 

So we walk in, right? Luckily we did manage to catch the last song from Lawrence, the opener. That’s when we knew we messed up, because they rocked and rolled everyone’s socks off.

Evan: Wow, that was really something! Guess this wasn’t an opener to miss!

Michael: You’re darn right Evan! You know what they sound like?

E: What Michael? What do they sound like?

M: They sound remarkably similar to Lake Street Dive!

Lawrence brought their emphatically soulful music to the Blue Note and provided a great preview of what the rest of the night entailed. Though we only saw a snippet of what they had to offer, it was enough to slap a couple smiles on our tipsy faces. Feeding off of the buzz that Lawrence left us with, we waited patiently for LSD to take the stage. And then they did…

M: What I liked most about the concert was the way they arranged their setlist. They started off with one of their hits to really get the people going, “Bad Self Portraits,” and it did not disappoint. I couldn’t help but let out a loud bellow as they started playing. My heart filled to the brim with happiness and did not deflate for the rest of the night.

E: Absolutely, I love when bands open with a hit because it really sets the tone for the rest of the night. They did great switching up the style of songs throughout their set. I did miss not hearing “Better Than”, but other than that I was immensely pleased. How bout that final song before the encore though?

M: Ah, “Call Off Your Dogs,” that’s a helluva song. It perfectly wrapped up a joyous night and left the crowd begging for more. That encore was one of the strongest encores I’ve ever seen, the crowd screaming for “One more song.” They gave us two, thankfully, because that still wasn’t quite enough.

E: Once the crowd had finally stopped roaring, LSD gave us a song from each of their first two albums. The first, “You Go Down Smooth,” is one of their most popular songs and was a solid choice to start the encore. I really loved that they finished the night off with a song from their self-titled debut album. So cool that they ended the night with something the older LSD fans would enjoy.

M: All the new and old songs blended so well together. And on top of that, they created a setlist that mixed in songs written from the different members of the band. They all showed their influence on their sound and they even showcased everyone’s talents with amazing solos from the bassist and the drummer that added a new dynamic to the whole show.

E: The most underrated part of a show to me is how the band interacts with each other and LSD did a phenomenal job of feeding off each other. The jam sessions in the middle of songs sounded so pure and when one person started rocking out during a solo, the rest of the band provided exceptional background sounds. And how about that George Michael cover??

M: It made me melt. Just when I thought it couldn’t get better, they bust out that sweet little George Michael diddy. I didn’t even realize it was the ole G.M. until like halfway through the song and that’s when my night went from great to greater. Gotta love a band that pays respects to the legends.

E: Absolutely! Overall, this was one of the best shows I’ve seen at the Blue Note (and I’ve seen some good ones). Next time we see LSD we gotta make sure we don’t miss the opener again!

M: That’s just life, man. Y’live and y’learn. And we lived. And we learned.

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