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Margo Price releases surprise EP

-Lucy Shanker, Roots N Blues Intern

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of seeing the words “Margo Price” and “new EP” in the same headline. Especially when you’re not expecting new music from her. And then she releases a surprise EP.

On July 27, the charming country singer dropped a new project via Jack White’s Third Man Records. “Weakness EP” is constructed of only four songs, but each are cataclysms of emotion. It kicks off with an upbeat, foot-tappin’ number about drinking, falling off the wagon and worrying. “Sometimes my weakness is stronger than me,” Price howls as the instruments fade out. This, after all, is Price’s specialty: Seemingly happy, quick-tempo songs that make it easy to ignore what she’s really singing about — true sadness.

The EP progresses with “Just Like Love,” but don’t let the title fool you. It’s not quite a happy tune; Price is actually feeling existential. “Why are we here, no one knows?” she sings over an ominous, almost trepidatious melody. This track seems like something that’d be playing in an old Western movie — an unkempt cowboy drinking a whiskey in a saloon right before his old adversary is about to walk through the tattered doors. While the song has the capability to transport you to a fabricated world, it doesn’t lack relatability. When you listen to Margo Price, it hits home: you feel like she’s looking you dead in the eyes and singing.

You’ll have to listen to the remaining two songs on your own, but they’re similarly spectacular. This release just got us more excited to see Price at Roots N Blues in September.

Check out the EP below.