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Local artist spotlight: The Burney Sisters

-Lacey Sterling, Roots N Blues Intern

Emma and Olivia Burney may be one of Columbia’s youngest musical acts, but they’re already one of the most successful. At ages 9 and 12, the Burney Sisters have released their first EP before even graduating elementary school. It all started through Facebook; the duo hosted a page that featured covers of well known songs, which eventually helped them skyrocketed into popularity. In 2017 alone, they played over 40 shows in Missouri, and the numbers only continue to grow.

The sisters have always had their hopes set high, and they’re more than determined to reach their goals. They not only dream big, but they also plan out every detail, ranging from the venues they want to play at to connections they want to make.

It’s evident that the sisters’ hard work and planning has paid off. Their Facebook page has reached over 3,000 likes in only a year’s time. They’ve been featured countless times in local media outlets and have played gigs all across the state. The Burney Sisters have a momentum that only continues to increase, and they show no sign of slowing down.

If you love Jazz and Americana music, the Burney Sisters are a must listen. While Emma has a voice that leans toward Americana and Country, Olivia has a jazz and indie sound. Each sister has a unique playing style but the guitar riffs and ukulele notes blend together to create a seamless indie/folk/pop mix. Their EP Running Away even has undertones of their fellow RNB artist the Avett Brothers, so if you love the other sibling duo, then you’ll also enjoy the Burney Sisters. Check out their cover of Paranoia to see the similarities. Running Away can be purchased on iTunes, but be sure to check out the sisters live at the 2018 music festival.