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John Prine releases new music after over 13 years

-Lucy Shanker, Roots N Blues Intern

This is how we feel over at RNB.

Okay, so maybe it hasn’t been 84 years. But it has been over 13 years since our sweet John Prine released new music. But on April 13th, everybody better hold on because we’re getting a whole new album from this RNB 2017 alum. The album is titled The Tree of Forgiveness, and it was produced by legendary Dave Cobb. Cobb has worked with fellow RNB alum Jason Isbell, too.

To hold us over for the next two and a half months, Prine released “Summers End,” a warm but melancholy ballad. What starts out as a simple tale of vacation transforms into something much greater. Prine sings, “The moon and stars hang out in bars just talking; I still love that picture of us walking.” In his voice that has become familiar to so many, Prine will make you reminisce for days long gone.