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Intern playlist: What Michael is listening to

-Michael Arnott, Roots N Blues Intern

This is the first in a series of blog posts highlighting what each of the RNB interns are listening to.

Hello all you people. Do you like music? I’m guessing that you PROBABLY do, but the more important question is do you like GOOD music? I’m also guessing you would say to me, “But Michael, isn’t that subjective?” to which I would say, “Normally yes but not when we’re talking about my music.” Don’t believe me? You’re flat out 100% unequivocally wrong and you should be ashamed. In penance for this dishonor upon yourself and your family, I am prescribing a hearty dose of my personal playlist. Its wide-range of musical tastes will always provide you with fresh, unadulterated goodness pulling from the new, the old, and everything in between.

I pride myself on keeping things interesting especially when it comes to my tunes. So strap in for an eclectic, 71 song mix stemming from the countless hours I have spent scourging the Internet, sifting through towering piles of garbage noise to find the hidden gems of the musical world. Soak in the sounds of everything from the Nigerian funk of William Onyeabor to Spanish folk from Y La Bamba to the bluesy pop of Lake Street Drive all the way back to the Waltz of the Flowers performed by the San Francisco Ballet Orchestra (because it’s beautiful and if you disagree you can engage me in fisticuffs).

That makes up for around 6 of the 71 songs on this playlist, and using simple math, you can see that this playlist has so much more to offer (65 more songs to be exact). I’m going to stop talking about it so it doesn’t spoil the surprises, but just know, this is a pearl that has been building its layers inside the oyster that is this year in my musical journey.