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What we’re listening to now, as told by Jessica

-Jessica Graves, Roots N Blues Intern

This time of year always seems to have a similar effect on what music gets my attention. You know, the songs that fill my newest playlists, the ones I don’t skip in the car.

The transition from Spring to Summer — the end of the semester, the stress of exams melting away, long nights becoming optional rather than a chore — always results in me putting on songs that remind me of travel and openness. Of being free.

This little playlist is something I put together to try to capture that feeling. The beginning of the list features some more stripped down, slow acoustic songs that I listened to towards the end of my spring semester. I can’t listen to really loud music when I study, otherwise I catch myself listening to the lyrics and not retaining anything I’m supposed to.

Among this group of songs is the last song Chris Cornell ever recorded off of the Forever Words compilation project featuring unheard songs and poems of the late Johnny Cash. It’s one of those songs that can only be described as eerie, especially given the circumstances of Cornell’s death. I highly recommend it. It’s one of the only truly somber tracks on this playlist, but I’ve become too attached to it to not share it here.

The latter half of the playlist is compiled of songs that I can just have on in the car with my windows down, screaming along at the stoplights. Or songs I listen to while just sitting out in the backyard of my apartment in the sun I’ve so desperately missed for months. To me, it encompasses that freeing feeling I mentioned earlier.

Check out the playlist below and let me know what you think!

Disclaimer: a few of the songs included do have explicit language (sorry, mom)