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District Spotlight: Maude Vintage
The following is the first in a series of posts highlighting the amazing retailers in The District. At Roots N Blues, we care about our community deeply and are dedicated to seeing it grow. 

-Jessica Graves, Roots N Blues Intern

Maude Vintage has been a go-to for fashion and thrift-shopping enthusiasts since November 2000, when the store first opened its doors on Broadway in Columbia’s downtown district. The shop specializes in buying and selling used clothing and accessories that have come back as modern fashion trends. They look for items from the early 1980s or before as well as used modern clothing with a classic feel.

The trendy and cool vibe of Maude Vintage doesn’t stop with aesthetics of the shop. Maude’s is constantly giving back to the Columbia arts community by spotlighting local designers and showcasing work by other local artists.

Because of Maude’s deep involvement and support of the local community, it’s always been a place I’ve enjoyed shopping since moving to Columbia. I know the money I spent at the store is going directly back into the growth of the arts and support of other people, which makes me feel more involved and that I’m somehow making a difference too, even if it is just a minor one.

Halloween, and the month preceding it, is one of the best times of the year — and Maude makes finding a costume (or three) super simple. You don’t have to run around from thrift store to thrift store searching for different parts of a costume that’s going to be worn once and then sit in the back of your closet until the end of time. You can just rent the entire costume from Maude’s! It might be my favorite thing about the store.

But costumes run out quick so be sure to get over to the shop soon to get the best options for Halloween, or for this year’s Roots N Blues N BBQ. We’d love to see what y’all can put together!

You can find more information on Maude Vintage, such as location and hours, here.