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The Untamed Youth

The year 2017 marks the 30th anniversary of The Untamed Youth, a teenage garage band from Columbia, Missouri that found fame, fortune, and an enduring legacy, felt throughout the world.

Purveyors of a retro sound that they would describe as “1960’s surf and garage” music, The Untamed Youth formed as a group of high school students in 1987, but still find themselves reuniting a few times every year for their many fans.

Roots music impresario Deke Dickerson began his career with the band.  Dickerson continued in music after the Untamed Youth and is well known throughout the roots music scene across the globe in the fields of rockabilly, vintage country, and surf.

Throughout the Untamed Youth’s 30 years, they have recorded half a dozen albums for labels such as Norton and Estrus, toured the United States numerous times, played countless European festivals, and most recently went to Japan, where they were regarded as conquering heroes.

During the group’s original tenure in their hometown of Columbia, Missouri, they made a name for themselves for a series of fun, yet politically incorrect stage productions: dancing 1960’s style “caged” go-go girls, beheading their bass player Mace on a giant guillotine, bringing in an experimental filmmaker from New York City to show homemade films of dubious quality, enlisting their bass player Mace to Jello wrestle women (Andy Kaufmann style) in a makeshift Jello wrestling pit on the dance floor of the Blue Note club, hosting a garage sale while playing on the stage of the Blue note, and bringing back “Elvis” from the dead for one last show—replete with arrival in a hearse and stage entry in a coffin.

The Untamed Youth retains the core original members: Deke Dickerson on guitar and vocals, Steve Mace on bass and vocals, and Steve “Sammy” Rager on Farfisa Organ and vocals.

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