The Avett Brothers

The Avett BrothersThe Avett Brothers’ music has roots in traditional folk and bluegrass, but also captures the high spirits and no-boundaries attitude of rock & roll — which is appropriate, since rock is where Scott Avett and Seth Avett first cut their teeth as musicians. The Avetts began getting together with like-minded friends (most notably Nemo guitarist John Twomey) on Tuesdays for acoustic guitar pulls, where they’d share a few drinks and swap songs.Over the next several years, the Avett Brothers maintained a busy and prolific schedule. In 2007, with cellist Joe Kwon added to the lineup, the Avett Brothers reached a new level of popularity with Emotionalism, their first album to make a dent on the Billboard charts. 2009’s I and Love and You served as their major-label debut. The album peaked at number 16, by far the band’s highest chart placement to date, and the international tour that followed was partially documented on the 2010 concert album Live, Vol. 3. In 2011 the Avett Brothers received an invitation to perform alongside Bob Dylan and Mumford & Sons at the Grammy Awards, and in 2012 they released The Carpenter. In 2013, the Avett Brothers released Magpie and the Dandelion.

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