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Artist Spotlight: The Suffers

– Michael Arnott, Roots N Blues Intern

I first found out about The Suffers after my parents attended the New Orleans Jazz Festival. It was here that they were introduced to lead singer Kam Franklin’s powerful vocals, the rousing, energetic brass section, and the remaining members of the ten-person band. After hearing about how their live performance gave my parents goose bumps, I knew I had to give them a listen.

A quick Google search brought me to their NPR Tiny Desk Concert, and right from the beginning, I was hooked. The Houston-based group refers to their music as “Gulf Coast Soul,” a combination of different musical styles ranging from blues, soul, hip-hop, and even country. Their versatile sound instantly intrigued me, and I’ve been obsessively listening ever since. Nearly every morning when I wake up, I play their soulful, reggae-influenced track “Good Day,” and proceed to dance around as I get ready to have myself “a real good day.”

The Suffers formed in 2011 and have been gaining popularity ever since, enjoying a spike following a fairly recent release of their eponymous album. They received national attention thanks to appearances on TV shows like The Tonight Show with Trevor Noah and Jimmy Kimmel Live. The energy is infectious as you watch all the members moving and grooving around the stage, all the while sporting cheek-to-cheek grins. Their excitement while performing on such large platforms is evident.

They will be bringing their contagious tunes to Stephens Lake Park at a can’t-miss show. I will certainly be getting down to their powerful soul and I hope to see you there!