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Artist Spotlight: The Cactus Blossoms
This is the fourteenth post in a series of articles highlighting the artists performing at The 2018 Roots N Blues N BBQ Festival. Check out the rest here

-Allison Dee, Roots N Blues Intern

Want to take a quick trip back to the 1950’s? The Cactus Blossoms will help you with that. The sibling pair, Page Burkum and Jack Torrey, who started playing together in their hometown of Minneapolis, are often compared to the Everly Brothers. However, I would liken their vintage country sound to past (and current) Roots N Blues guest Margo Price.

The pair officially became the Cactus Blossoms in 2010, playing small gigs around their hometown until 2011, when they self-released a debut album. It was this that granted them a residency at St. Paul’s Turf Club. The pair got a band together and played old and new country and folk songs throughout their stay. Many of these songs sound like they could be from 30-40 years ago, and that was exactly how the band intended to sound. As the residency progressed, the Cactus Blossoms started gaining a larger fan base in the Twin Cities. Their sets at the Turg Club were so valued that they were recorded live and kept on a live album called, 2013’s Live at the Turf Club.

With the album’s growing popularity and large success, the band started touring more, headlining at other clubs and sharing the stage with stars like Kacey Musgraves. They also appeared on a public radio show with host Garrison Keillor who was called them “the brothers that America has been waiting for.”

As a result of their success and now flourishing fan base, the band got an offer from JD McPherson to produce their record in 2015. The brothers also teamed up with Red House Records, which is a well-known roots music label based out of St. Paul. McPherson eventually helped the brothers to find their other bandmates: drummer Alex Hall, guitarist Joel Paterson and bassist Beau Sample. Soon after the band was formed, they started to work on their first album for the label, You’re Dreaming, which was released in 2016.

And this is just the beginning for them. We are so excited to be a part of their growth and welcome this new and upcoming band to the Roots n’ Blues music festival stage this coming September.

photo via all eyes media