Artist Spotlight: Paul Weber and the Scrappers

-Michael Arnott, Roots N Blues Intern

Greetings readers, it’s me again, your trusty artist spotlight ambassador here to satiate all of the curiosities that your little heart may desire. In this edition, we are featuring Paul Weber and the Scrappers!

Formed right outside of Columbia in the town of Ashland, MO, the scrappy boys’ music reflects the landscape they grew up in: the country. Their self-described “stripped-down crooner style” makes you feel like you’ve just taken a journey to the olden, golden days of country music with a sound that pays respects to the legends of country music. But don’t be mistaken: these fellas are the embodiment of olden country in the modern times. Weber, a vegetable farmer himself, says that he and the Scrappers’ music represents the lifestyle and landscape that they knew growing up in the rural Midwest.

The band consists of Paul Weber who sings and plays guitar and harmonica, David Dearnley on the Telecaster, emblematic of the classic country sound, Jesse Mudd on the bass, and Justin Hickerson on the drums. Their eponymous album was released at the end of 2016 consisting of 10 original songs about heartbreak, the Midwest, and life in the country. The album can be found on bandcamp here, and I highly encourage that you give it a listen. After listening to it in the Roots N Blues N BBQ office, I wish I would have listened to it first while driving down an open country highway surrounded by vast, open green fields to get the full effect.

Not only is it great foot-tapping music, but also it’s high-quality music homegrown in our community by the people that have the country lifestyle flowing through their veins. So please, show these talented guys some love. Give them a listen, buy their album, and make sure to see them at Stephens Lake Park this fall!

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