Artist Spotlight: Nikki Lane

-Jenna Boessen, Roots N Blues Intern

In her most recent album, “Highway Queen,” Nikki Lane both pays “whiskey-soaked homage” to her hometown and mourns her failed marriage. “Highway Queen” will take your mind on an exquisite journey, as Lane belts out her heartbreak story in the hopes of touching lives who may be walking the same path.


Lane grew up in Greenville, South Carolina where she dropped out of high school and became a fashion designer. Later in 2006, she moved to Los Angeles and then to New York City. Her albums, despite being recorded later in life, tell the story of the roads she’s traveled, her experience with breakups, fleeting relationships, hardships and true realizations with marriage. At age 25, Lane recorded her first song after a devastating breakup. From then on, she became passionate about telling stories that evoke feelings from her audiences.

“Highway Queen” was Lane’s breakthrough into the mainstream market; it put her on the map. Her journey of showcasing her beloved songs and stories require many long days secluded from her home, friends and family. But, the value of potentially touching lives makes the whole process worth it. Knowing she’s reaching people where they’re at in life and helping them through hard times with her music makes every mile worth it.

Lane calls Nashville, TN her home, where she owns and operates her own fashion line called “High Class Hillbilly.” Up next: Lane will be traveling the world to share her passion for performing through her incredible storytelling. Armed with her beautifully potent lyrics, Lane will continue to walk the line between country and rock, but always with a twinge of Americana and pop.

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