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Artist Spotlight: Marty Stuart & His Fabulous Superlatives

-Lucy Shanker, Roots N Blues Intern

It’s impossible to talk country music greats without mentioning Marty Stuart. While he is too humble to admit it, Stuart fills the post-Johnny Cash gap with his truly authentic, country sound.

His life has revolved around a series of musical adventures, the first of which was at a very young age. By  12, Marty Stuart had already taught himself to play the guitar and mandolin and was beginning to perform with the bluegrass group The Sullivan Family. After being taken under the wing of older, practiced musicians, Stuart officially started touring at age 14.

In 1980, Stuart’s music career was put in a catapult by the one and only Johnny Cash: he joined Cash’s backing band. In between releasing solo albums and touring, Stuart also married Cash’s daughter. While the marriage lasted five years, his career has spanned decades.

Stuart’s accomplishments are seemingly endless. Not only is he a Grammy-winning artist, but he also hosts and produces “The Marty Stuart Show,” a platform for traditional country music. He has been creating and playing his music for over forty years, and it has never lessened in quality. Way Out West is Stuart’s 18th studio album. His continues to be relevant and inspiring, while still remaining true to his traditional country roots.

Marty Stuart & His Fabulous Superlatives are coming to Roots N Blues N BBQ in October, and we are so excited. With an extensive collection of potential songs, Stuart is sure to perform a spectacular show. See you there!

Check out this incredible video of Marty Stuart singing “Wait for the Morning” on a cliff overlooking the ocean. It’s in black and white and is a cinematic masterpiece.