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Artist Spotlight: Margo Price

-Jenna Boessen, Roots N Blues Intern

Margo Price has been notably recognized as a “Nashville badass.” Margo’s passion to tell stories of overcoming life’s challenges and the strength she’s found serves as encouragement for all of her listeners during dark times. This powerful vibe emanates most clearly from her most recent album, “Midwest Farmer’s Daughter.” Price truly believes that connecting personally with music can provide both strength and stability. She hopes that through her album she can show her listeners that they’re never alone.

Price has always lived a life of music. After growing up in Aledo, Illinois, she dropped out of college at the age of 20 and moved to Nashville to pursue her career. It was here that she soon met her future husband and bass player, Jeremy Ivey. The two of them formed a band called Buffalo Clover and continued on to self-release three records. This resulted on Price being “put on the radar” of the industry.  

After the tragic loss of her first-born son, Price became wrapped in a sense of loss and fell into a depression. It was only after this that she truly became motivated to create the music that she wanted to hear. With that decision, the talented 32-year-old singer-songwriter recorded “Midwest Farmer’s Daughter” with her new band at Sun Studio; this resulted in her later being noticed by Third Man Records. Price incorporates honky tonk, rock, weekend twang and blues grooves to add a creative twist in her otherwise country album. Her album narrates her personal story in a way that invites listeners to relate and feel a sense of understanding.

Price’s music excels undoubtedly in capturing the heart of her listeners. She hopes to continue to share her story as she travels and tours throughout the year. We are extremely lucky and excited to have her at Roots N Blues N BBQ this year; she is definitely not a show to miss.

If you don’t think you can wait until the fest, take a look at her beautifully singing “All American Made,” in a Tiny Desk session.