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Artist Spotlight: Lee Fields and The Expressions

-Kerry Souder, Roots N Blues Intern

Lee Fields and The Expressions fall under the umbrellas of blues, soul, and funk. This collaboration between famous soul singer and house band has created a musical experience like no other.

Lee Fields has been in the music game since 1969 and has continuously evolved his sound. He’s managed to capture newer and younger audiences, while continuing to impress his initial fan base. It just goes to show you that great music doesn’t have an expiration date. Within his 47 year long career, Fields has collaborated with legends such as Kool and the Gang, Sammy Gordon and the Hip-Huggers, O.V Wright, Darrell Banks, and Little Royal, in addition to French house DJ/producer Martin Solveig.

Fields’ musical genius continued to thrive after he teamed up with The Expressions. They offer a unique soul sound that has helped Fields grow into the legend he is today. Fields has maintained his style throughout his career, but continues to push the boundaries of his talent. For this reason, you’ll rarely hear a song that sounds like a throwback. With each new creation, you’ll pick up on hints of familiarity that have been adapted into something entirely new.

Their latest album, “Special Night,” has been commended for its honesty and realistic view on the world today. The fan favorite, “Make This World,” is a song about humanity’s impact on the planet and how we are the only ones who have the power to fix it. His goal in writing this song was to stir people into action and cause a chain reaction to save the world. Fields also spoke of his song “Special Night” and said he wrote it as a message to his wife. He stresses the importance of emotion and honesty in his work. Fields once said in an interview, “You can tell if a song is real or not. And every moment I’m recording, those moments are real.”

Lee Fields and The Expressions have created and endorsed a unique sound that offers listeners a variety of different moods and styles to explore. Along with the groovy, smooth music, the band’s lyrics all hold messages. Nothing was done carelessly.

“All the songs on that record have a special meaning,” Fields has said, referring to ‘Special Night.’ “I hope people take a good listen to it to find the magic.”