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Artist Spotlight: Band of Horses

-Michael Arnott, Roots N Blues Intern

Band of Horses: who are they? What do they do? Are they really horses? Why should you care? I, Michael Arnott, shall give it my darndest effort to answer all of these questions and more for your reading pleasure.

The Seattle-based rock group exploded on the scene in 2006 with their smash hit, “The Funeral,” a song expertly designed to evoke your deepest emotions, like much of their music. I learned this first-hand when tears streamed down my face while the song played during the credits of “127 Hours.” If crying tears of happiness interests you, you can check out their performance of “The Funeral” on Letterman.

Since their meteoric rise, Band of Horses has released a total of five studio albums to critical acclaim. The pinnacle of these being their Grammy nominated 2010 album, “Infinite Arms.” The band has undergone a flurry of changes throughout their 13-year history, the most recent being when guitarist Tyler Ramsey and bassist Bill Reynolds stepped away from the limelight. The remaining members, vocalist/guitarist Ben Bridwell, drummer Creighton Barrett, and keyboardist Ryan Monroe, have dealt with a dozen switches over the years, but they won’t let that thwart their self-proclaimed “whack-ass style.”

Band of Horses, composed of human beings (contrary to the popular belief that they are actually horses), will be bringing their indie/alternative/folk rock sound to Stephens Lake Park this fall, with a show that will surely induce FOMO in the poor souls of those who miss it. You can find me there blubbering like a baby during “The Funeral.” I hope to see you there, too!