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Artist Spotlight: Amanda Shires

-Hilton Peeples, Assistant Festival Director

Amanda Shires’ music has greatly shaped my life in the past few years; her songwriting is real and her fiddle playing is incredible. I have loved her music for quite a while, but My Piece of Land really hit home for me. I have always loved music – it has always played a huge role in my life but music like Amanda’s is what drove me to want to learn how to play something. It may be 20 years before I can even possess an ounce of the talent that she has, but it has definitely made me appreciate music in a new light.

Her songwriting on My Piece of Land is true art. She isn’t trying to make millions or create a brand: she just wants to create something beautiful. I think that’s what I love so much about her. She is who she is, and she loves what she loves. You can feel what she is feeling in all of these songs. With each album that she makes, she conveys what she was going through so well, yet differently on each album.

This is the first full album that Shires has released since she married Jason Isbell; I think you can clearly hear how that has shaped her music and songwriting. Jason played and co-wrote a few of the songs from this record, including “You Are My Home.” Not only do I love the violin in this song, but I also love that she has found a home in the love that they have for one another. I always think it’s cool when two really talented songwriters fall in love and make even cooler songs together.
She will be playing Sunday at The 2017 Roots N Blues N BBQ Festival and I promise, you won’t want to miss this performance!