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Album Review: ‘Eurus’ by The Oh Hellos

-Lucy Shanker, Roots N Blues Intern

When The Oh Hellos played at the 2016 RNBNBBQ Festival, it had been a year since they released their well-received Dear Wormwood. After a stunning performance, anyone attending the festival who may have been unfamiliar with the band was hooked. Luckily for these new fans, the band had three albums to play on repeat. Unluckily for them, they had to wait over a year for a new release.

The wait’s over. Now, the band is in the midst of releasing a supposed four-part EP series, the first of which came out in December 2017. Titled Notos after the Greek god of the south wind, the album had a completely different layout than fans had seen before. The EP features transitional songs — 50 or so seconds of instrumentals to link the tracks. The result is an almost transcendental experience; if you’ve ever wanted to feel like Titania in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, here’s your chance.

Less than three months later and the band has released the second part of the series, Eurus. You guessed it; this album is named for the Greek god of the east wind. The EP has a parallel structure to Notos, creating the same nature-oriented experience as the first part in the series. While not extraordinarily different from the first release, Eurus continues the effervescent and agrarian theme, and it does it well. As expected, Maggie and Tyler Heath still shine. The tracks often start soft, and with the help of the layers of instruments, they build to an explosive apex that the band is so well-known for.

If I’ve calculated correctly using NESW (Never Eat Soggy Waffles), an EP titled Anemoi should follow. Because of The Oh Hello’s talent and consistency, it will probably be just as bright and enjoyable.


Image via MetroLyrics