Back To The Top
A playlist to get rid of those back to school blues

-Jessica Graves, Roots N Blues Intern

It’s that time of year again — the new school year has commenced. Along with that comes the dread of setting an alarm for the next morning that wakes you up before the sun rises. Whether you’re a parent of a student, a student yourself, or a teacher — most of us probably don’t love the transition back to those early morning routines.

I’ve discovered — in the past seven years that I’ve been a student responsible for getting myself ready —  that putting upbeat music on helps improves my mood drastically before I leave the house. In that spirit, I’ve compiled a short playlist curated specifically for a morning routine.

All of the songs here have a really upbeat, pop or hip-hop vibe to them, but none are overbearing. I can’t do really loud guitar or heavy bass in the morning unless I’m asking for an ear-splitting headache. I need excessive amounts of caffeine before I can be in the mood for songs like that.

So without further adieu, you can check you the songs I’ve been waking up to below. A bunch of the names will look familiar to you Roots N Blues fans. Let me know what you think.

Photo via Tunefind