Family & Friends at Rose Music Hall

-Lucy Shanker and Hilton Peeples, Intern & Assistant Festival Director

Family & Friends were formed under the idea of “Good People. Good Music” in April of 2013, and the name couldn’t be any more fitting. Their genre is hard to pin down, but it’s loosely a mixture of indie, folk, and rock. They took the stage at Rose Music Hall on June 18th and put on an incredible performance.

The band has seven members — 6 guys and a girl. On the tiny stage at Rose, it was a tight fit. But, these aren’t your average bandmates: they are seven individual performers who each bring a unique ability to the band. Plus, they’re genuinely friends, and you can tell. To mention a few, there’s the bassist who has unforgettable hair that he definitely utilizes during the show. And they have not one but two drummers. Who are stand throughout the whole show. And they wear shoes.

The cluster of friends burst on stage with contagious energy. They were constantly jumping, dancing and smiling as they played through their repertoire, pulling from their two EPs. It was clear that they were having the time of their lives. They connected with the crowd, telling us background on the songs and encouraging a dance floor in front of the stage. They’re a community: They love big, play music big and party big – I’m glad I got to see it all happen live!

I saw them for the first time at Shaky Knees Music Festival in Atlanta in May and fell in love instantly. My little brother knows what I like, and he told me I had to hear them. He was so right. When I heard they were coming to Columbia, I had to get tickets.

There’s just something about seeing a band from your childhood home playing in your new home. It makes you feel a little more like you’re where you’re supposed to be. This Athens, GA band is just seven friends who love making music togther. The influence of their friendship has created something truly amazing, exciting and unique. Go see them live, buy their records, follow them on social media…you’ll be glad you did. These guys will be big before you know it.

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